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The Seasons of Change Training for Professional

The Seasons of Change Training
for Professionals
For Coaches, Therapists, Counselors and Other Professionals who Support Clients in Transition

Seasons of Change Colorado Summit

September 10 -16, 2014
with Carol McClelland, PhD,& Karin Marcus, PCC


This is your opportunity to grow your skills as a Seasons of Change Coach while immersed in the natural beauty of the Southern Colorado foothills at a warm and welcoming eco-retreat lodge. Join us to rejuvenate, explore, learn, reflect, and just be with your self and your fellow professionals.

This is the ideal program for you if:

  • You are a Seasons of Change Certified or Master Coach seeking to grow you skills to the next level of mastery through a comprehensive hands-on learning experience.
  • You are seeking more tools and resources to incorporate into your practice.
  • You want to become a Seasons of Change Certified Coach and learn best through in person trainings.
  • You want to become a Purpose Clarity Certified Coach to work with people to identify their purpose.
  • You want to build community and be inspired by your amazing peers.

Create Your Own Experience:

As we started designing the Seasons of Change Colorado Summit, our focus was to create an opportunity for Seasons of Change coaches to come together and connect with each other while learning new tools,  exploring new ideas, and brainstorming on ways to expand their practice..

Then we realized that this setting would also provide a wonderful backdrop for live, in-person training opportunities! That’s when we decided to add classes for Seasons of Change Level 1 and the Purpose Clarity Program as a lead in for the Summit.

Now it’s your turn to design the experience you want!

  • If you are already a Certified or Master Seasons of Change Coach, we invite you to attend the Summit and/or take the Purpose Clarity Training.

  • If you are not a Seasons of Change coach, but you want to become one, we invite you to take either the Seasons of Change Level One Training and then join us for the Summit if you wish.

  • If you are a Purpose Clarity Coach, we invite you to take the Seasons of Change Training and then join us for the Summit.

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Here’s the Schedule for the Seasons of Change Colorado Summit

Sept 10 – 12:  Fast Track In-Person Training Opportunities

Seasons of Change Level 1 (8 CEUs or ICF credentialing credits)
For more details about this training.


Purpose Clarity (12 CEUs or ICF credentialing credits; in person training is followed by 4 tele-classes mentoring your work with a practice client).
For more details about this training.

Sept 12-16:  Seasons of Change Summit

Experiential Trainings with New Tools and Materials: 

  • Unlocking Transition Anniversaries for Growth and Healing - 2 CEU
  • Exploring the Seasons of Change with the Labyrinth - 2 CEU
  • Awaken Your Heart Magnet: Discover what you are drawn to and repelled by and how to use this tool with your clients - 2 CEU
  • Deepening the Seasons of Change Journey with Art Projects - 2 CEU
  • Using Nature as a Coaching Partner: Outdoor Exercises - 2 CEU
  • Using Nature as a Coaching Partner: Indoor Exercises - 2 CEU

Wisdom Circles: Afternoon Sept 2011 wise women walking retreat 056gatherings for networking, sharing and brainstorming with peers.

Evening Gatherings: Each evening we will come together for fun, exploration, and heart-felt connection. 

Logistics Details 

Location: Mountain Park Environmental Center, Beulah Colorado

Surrounded by towering hundred-year-old pines, the historic and “green” Horseshoe Lodge is the perfect place to comfortably retreat into the beauty and simplicity of nature.  Nestled in a 611-acre mountain park bordered by San Isabel National Forest, the lodge is surrounded by a rich and unique ecology of native plants, migrant and resident songbirds, wildlife, plus lots of blue skies, sunshine, and Milky Way nights. 

Cost: Create your own package. You can choose to attend the SOC Summit or  one of the training courses, or combine the Summit with one of the training courses. It’s up to you!

Early Bird Pricing in effect until February 1, 2014

$50 off Options 1, 2 and 4
$100 off Options 3 and 5

If you are a Certified or Master Seasons of Change Coach, choose one of these options:

Option 1: Seasons of Change Summit Only: $500

Option 2: Purpose Clarity Training Only: $550

Option 3: Purpose Clarity Training + Seasons of Change Summit: $1050

If you would like to become a Certified Seasons of Change Coach, choose one of these options:x

Option 4: Seasons of Change Level 1 Training Only: $500

Option 5: Seasons of Change Level 1 Training + Seasons of Change Summit: $1000

Seasons of Change Colorado Summit Preview Call:

We’ll be having a preview call about the
Seasons of Change Colorado Summit on
Monday, January 13th at 7 pm Eastern.

Email Karin if you wish to join us:


Lodging: Download SOC_Colorado_Summit_Pricing pdf to review the lodging options and pricing. Lodging prices include all meals, snacks, linens, and towels. Final lodging information will depend on how many people join us and the length of their stays. To see images of the lodging watch this short video created by the Mountain Park Enviornmental Center.

  • You will note your lodging preferences in the registration form below. Please note there will likely be 4 single rooms and the rest will be doubles. Single rooms will go to those who register early.
  • We will collect a deposit of $352.50 for your lodging on May 15th.
  • The balance of your lodging fee will be due by September 1st.
  • You’ll hear from us on August 15th with information about your room and your balance due.

Travel: Fly into Colorado Springs (COS). The Mountain Park Environmental Center Shuttle can pick up and bring you to the retreat center. When you register we’ll provide specific instructions about flight arrival and departure information. Please do not purchase your tickets before receiving that information!

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To Register

Step 1: Complete Registration Form

Step 2: Submit Your Payment:

  • Select option using the Paypal menu below.

  • Sent a check to Karin Marcus at Healing Touch Center, 1327 East Darby Road, Havertown, PA 19083

  • If you want to set up a personal payment plan, contact Karin at:  or 610-667-5247

Step 3: Reserve Your Lodging

  • Lodging deposit ($352.50) due May 15th.

  • Lodging decisions will be finalized by August 15th. (Based on our knowledge at that time.)

  • Lodging balance due September 1st.

Step 4: Review Cancellation Policy:

Cancellations made over 90-61 days before the retreat date will be fully refundable minus a $200.00 non-refundable down payment.

Cancellations made 60- 31 days before the retreat will forfeit the non-refundable down payment of $200.00 and an additional $200.00.

We are sorry, but we cannot give any refund when there is a cancellation 30- 0 days before the retreat.

For Questions Contact Karin  or 610-667-5247


About the Season Of Change Module

Do You Work with Clients in Transition?

Do your clients feel lost and confused about their future direction? If so, they are in transition--ending an important phase of their life or stepping into a completely new era. It's likely their friends and loved ones are giving them advice or pressuring them to take actions that are counter to your clients' inner truths.

Your job is to help them sort out their situation, find ways to make sense of their circumstances, decide what actions to take, and motivate them to continue moving through this difficult time. On a good day, you are clear, your questions are helpful, and you feel good about the outcomes of the day. At other times, you feel in over your head, not sure where to go with your clients nor how to support them in their journey.

  • Imagine having access to a rich metaphor that not only helps you identify what phase of transition your clients are in, but also what tasks they need to focus on to move forward and what actions are likely to result in disappointing, time consuming detours.

  • Imagine sharing a key piece of the metaphor with your clients and hearing them breathe a sigh of relief as they feel heard and honored for being right where they are.

  • Imagine the referrals you receive because your clients feel so supported by your work.

You may wonder why other transition models don't touch clients at such a deep, soulful place. Often transition models are very conceptual--clients get the concepts mentally, but they aren't able to integrate the ideas into their lives. Although these transition models provide very useful frameworks to understand transition, they don't become an integral part of your clients' approach to life.

The model is useful whether your clients have entered their transition by choice or by force, whether the transition was anticipated or came as a complete surprise.

The Seasons of Change is a rich multi-faceted nature-based metaphor that provides you and your clients with a natural way to approach life changes. Nature has developed a wide range of responses to the ever-changing seasons. These responses provide a rich foundation of knowledge, inspiration, hope, and direction to those in transition. Each season (or phase) of the transition process has its own signs, actions, and detours. This information gives you a map you can share with your clients to show them the way through their transition. The visually memorable nature metaphors associated with each season are simple, powerful tools that give clients constant support and guidance through difficult times.

Carol McClelland, Ph.D. has put together a wonderful training program for anyone working with clients in Transition. The Seasons of Change is a metaphor based on nature's seasons and provides us with a wonderful way to talk with clients about transition. The result is an incredibly clear road map that clients 'get' instantly. The training program gets 5 stars (*****) from me!

-- Rebecca Kieler
Career and Life Transitions Consultant
Kieler Career Consulting

By using this model in your work with clients, you give them hope--helping them envision where they've been, where they are, and where they are going. A process that is full of unknowns becomes a bit more understandable. Supporting your clients in where they are is a profound experience that deepens their trust in themselves, in you and in the transition journey. It's likely no one else is honoring them for what they feel deep within.

Your class has been such an eye-opener for me personally and has also inspired creativity. I went over the recurring "false spring" with a corporate client I am working with and did we ever have a break-through. The imagery was rich! In our meeting today, we used nature as a backdrop for the client's much needed time away in order to find new and fresh ideas.

-- Ruth Ann Harris, M.Ed. MA
Life Sketches Life Coach
Wellness/Transition Coaching for
Executives, Corporate Staff and Individuals

The Seasons of Change, by Carol McClelland, Ph.D.Carol McClelland, Ph.D. birthed the Seasons of Change in 1992 and wrote the book of the same title in 1998. Having always been an avid observer of nature and wildlife, Carol turned to nature to make sense of a series of transitions that occurred in her life in 1986. Soon after she graduated with her Ph.D. from Purdue University, she moved cross-country to California to start her first full-time job. Four months later her father died. Nature provided Carol with the clues she needed to navigate and heal through her transitions. Since creating the model, Carol has not only used the Seasons of Change in her work with clients in personal and professional transitions, she has spoken about the topic extensively to helping professionals and individuals.

"The Seasons of Change is a wonderful continuation and elaboration of William Bridges' book Transitions. Carol McClelland, Ph.D. accurately and sensitively describes the emotions and process people experience when in transition. Because the Seasons of Change is based on nature, readers connect immediately to the model and have a felt sense of the process. Carol's approach, both warm and practical, is grounded, subtle, wise, and exceptionally rich.”

Anne Peek
Professor of Human Development,
Graduate Program at St. Mary's University of Minnesota

“Carol's book, The Seasons of Change is a must read for anyone experiencing a major change or transition in their life, whether chosen or not chosen. It is not only beautifully written, but creatively presented. The personal stories, the metaphors, and wisdom from nature make this a brilliant and beautiful book and one that will be useful time and again.”

Patrick Williams, MCC, President of Institute for Life Coach Training
and co-author of Therapist as Life Coach: Transforming Your Practice

In early 2004 Carol launched the Seasons of Change Training for Professionals for therapists, coaches, and other transition professionals who support individuals in transition.

In 2008, Carol’s direction changed with her launch of, a virtual career center for white collar green jobs. This new passion consumed her time an energy and the Season of Change Training Program sadly fell by the wayside.

Now, in 2011, The Seasons of Change Training Program is being revitalized by Karin Marcus PCC. Karin Marcus is a Professional Certified Coach with the International Coaching Federation, a Coach U Certified Graduate, and a Master Certified Retreat Coach. She has also trained with Carol McClelland PhD to become a certified Season of Change and Purpose Clarity Coach. Karin’s personal coaching style combines her love of the outdoors and respect for the human spirit. Her goal is to help everyone become an environmentalist of the heart. The Seasons of Change transitions module speaks directly toward this purpose and enables Karin to incorporate the wisdom of nature into her work with individual clients, as well as in outdoor retreats, support groups, and adult education classrooms. She is eager to once again make this valuable and pliable training program available to coaches, therapists, counselors and other professionals who support clients in transition.


I’m so glad The Seasons of Change training program is coming to life again Since Karin became a certified Seasons of Change coach in 2006, she has integrated the model into her retreats, her workshops, and her "walk and talk" coaching work. From our earliest interactions I could see that her connection with nature allowed her to resonate deeply to my Seasons of Change transition model. Not only is she a natural at applying the model to client transitions, she often discovers new insights and metaphors in her personal journey and in her client work. Having done the same in the eighteen years since I created the model, I know she's fully integrated the model into how she lives and works.
In the years since Karin and I have worked together on several projects. Through them all, it's been clear that Karin resonates most with The Seasons of Change. I'm thrilled to she's awakening more coaches and counselors to nature's wisdom about the transition process that continues to be so relevant and valuable.

Carol McClelland, PhD


For several years I tried unsuccessfully to shift my career priorities. I would take steps towards the change I longed to make and then stop at the same point again and again. Working through the Seasons of Change with Karin’s guidance, I was able to identify the detours and missed steps that impeded my transition. Now I am making steady progress towards meaningful work for the next stage in my life.

Mary A. Scherf, Esquire


Seasons of Change Training Teleseminars: Level One and Two

Level One Training:8 CEU

Level One Training includes:

  • An overview of the SOC module
  • An understanding of the various transitions for which this module is relevant
  • Knowledge of the signs, tasks, detours and myths of each season
  • An understanding of the support your clients may need in each sesaon
  • Methods to apply this module to individuals and groups in your practice
  • A personal exploration of the SOC in your development as an individual and a professional
  • A designation as a Seasons of Change Certified Coach

Level Two Training: 12 CEU

By the end of this training, you will:

  • Have a deeper personal and professional understanding of the Seasons of Change
  • Understand the signs and detours associated with each season
  • Recognize and articulate cultural myths associated with each season
  • Identify common patterns clients exhibit during times of transition
  • Use a collection of assessment tools to determine exactly where your client is on the Seasons of Change spiral
  • A designation as a Seasons of Change Master Coach

In addition, you'll have the ability to use a collection of assessment tools to determine exactly where your client is on the Seasons of Change spiral.

    • Types of Change Questionnaire - enables you to get a richer, broader, and more detailed view of the transitions your clients are in.
    • Supporters Questionaire - help your clients evaluate and enhance their support network.
    • Seasons of Change Questionnaire - allows you to determine which season you clients are in.
    • Messages of Change Questionnaire - helps you understand the limiting beliefs that are impeding your clients' progress.
    • Seasons of Change Spiral Card - gives you a map to help your clients see where they are and where they are going.
    • Seasons of Change Diagrams - provides you with a series of diagrams that help you illustrate various aspects of the transition journey.


    This Advanced Training is designed for:

    Professionals who work with clients in transitions through individual sessions, workshops, or retreats:

    • Coaches
      • Career coaches
      • Relationship coaches
      • Life coaches
      • Wellness coaches
      • Parenting coaches
      • Small business coaches
      • Retirement coaches
    • Therapists
      • Couples
      • Families
      • Individuals
      • Art therapists
    • Counselors
      • Career counselors
      • Grief counselors
      • Personal counselors
    • Social Workers

    Advanced Training Logistics:

    • Eight 90-minute teleclass sessions
    • Five additional 30-minute audios to support you in your personal exploration and understanding of the module.
    • Written materials: Seasons of Change Trainers Level Two Manuel, "Nature's Wisdom Deck: A Powerfully Insightful Guide for Exploring Life's Changes" by Carol McClelland, 25 Spiral cards to use for marketing.
    • Experiential field work assignments. Two case studies with current clients or
    • Unlimited access to five client-friendly tools that serve as catalysts for accurate assessments, rich conversations, and deep discoveries.
    • Post-Certification resources available – access to assessment tools, additional articles, sample presentations, handouts, and audios, SOC Master logo.


Upcoming Schedule



 Level One (8 CCEU)

Jan.14. to March 4, 2014


CLASS SCHEDULE: 60 min calls, 2 or 7pm EST


Jan 14 - Session 1:

Introduction and Overview

Jan 21 - Session 2:

Season of Fall

Jan 28 - Session 3:

Season of Early Winter

Feb. 4 - Session 4:

Season of Winter Solstice

Feb 11- Session 5:

Season of Late Winter

Feb 18 - Session 6:

Season of  Spring

Feb 25 - Session 7:

Season of Summer

Mar 4- Session 8:

Integrating the Seasons of Change into Your Business

 SOS Masters logo                      

Level Two (12 CCEU)

April 1 - May 20, 2014

CLASS SCHEDULE: 90 min calls,2 pmEST


April 1- Session 1:

 Season Review and Types of Change

April 8- Session 2:

Seasons of Change Questionnaire - Part 1

April 15- Session 3:

Seasons of Change Questionnaire - Part 2

April 22- Session 4:

The Myths and Messages of Change

April 29- Session 5:

Seasons of Change Detours Part 1

May 6 - Session 6:

Seasons of Change Detours Part 2

May 13 - Session 7:

Nature Wisdom Cards

May 20– Session 8:


Integrating the Seasons of Change into Your Business





Level One: $450 Includes manual and The Seasons of Change Book

Level Two: $650 Includes manual and Nature Wisdom Cards

Level One and Two: $950


To register for The Season of Change Level One and/or Two Trainings for Professional click here.

To make 2nd or 3rd payments for The Season of Change Trainings for Professional click here.

To Learn More:

Meet Karin and Carol as they share their journey through The Season of Change on this FREE introductory recordingl. Click here to register.


Upon completion of Level One you will receive 8 CCE from ICF
CCE Category Units
ICF Core Competencies 7.00
Personal Development .00
Business Development 1.00


Upon completion of Level 2 you will receive 12 CCE from ICF
CCE Category Units
ICF Core Competencies 6.00
Personal Development .00
Business Development 1.50
Other Skills and Tools 4.50




“I took the SOC-1 training at the beginning of the year during a difficult time and the model has led me through a season of deep healing.  I had been stuck in a grief for years and the closing of my business added to the feeling of despair. This model gently guided me through a transition of fulfillment and letting go.  I haven’t felt this balanced and peaceful in years.  Next month I am going to begin leading a series of Season of Change mini-retreats and I am so excited about it.  I’m revisiting the seasons and putting it all together.  It just makes me feel good!  Can’t wait to share the model with others.”
Trisha Rockwell


To learn more, click here.








Contact Karin at: 610-667-5247 or

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